May 11, 2009

look of the day

Blogged previously: Genesis Candace Release Line.

I'm totally in love with this wavy hair from Magika, called Curl. I picked it up last week and only took it off for a back-baring look on Saturday. It moves beautifully, but like much long flowy hair, likes to bury itself in the bosom and shoulders when posing for photos. I took two snapshots, one with hair and one bald, to combine into the frontal shot you see above. I try to keep post-processing to a minimum when showcasing products here, so didn't clean up the hair ends on the left, just combined the shots to free my other shoulder from the hair invasion.

This top is from the Romany Kiss dress from Evie's Closet, Passion color. I love when dress tops are wearable as separates! I looked through my inventory trying on about a zillion jeans and other pants trying to figure out what complimented this top without being either too light, too dark, or otherwise distracting. I finally settled on two layers of pants—the underlayer just shows up in the side gaps between top and the main pants, but is a similar shade of indigo to one in the top and keeps distracting side flesh-glimpses to a minimum. The overlaid pants are a teal version of the entropy suit pants from silent sparrow, part of the sterling suite from the Magic of Oz Candy Cane Frolic last December. The ETD Buckle Boots in purple complement the lavender and indigo in the top.

When I decided to convert some of my birthday money to L$ to splurge in-world, I knew one of my big buys would be the Genesis Candace Apricot Bollywood Line fatpack. The makeups in this line are dramatic and colorful. I love the color combinations, eyeliners, and touches of shimmer in the various looks, and chose the bright Basanto look to wear today. The multicolored eyeshadow picks up more colors from the Romany Kiss top, and I love the touch of shimmer at the outer corners of the eyes. You can view larger versions of the following close-up face shots in my Flickr set for this release.

Row 1: Ganda, Ghum-Parani Gaan, Chokh Tepa
Row 2: Jaba, Padma
Row 3: Basanto, Kalpona-Kari, Khoab

I also picked up some eyes from Poetic Colors to try out and see if they suit me as well as my beloved Miriel eyes. I play around with eye colors when in costume, but my default appearance tends to stick with a single color for long stretches. When I started out in SL, it was all blue eyes for me, then I went for blue tinged with green, then fully-green, then recently aquamarine. I love the illusion of depth to these eyes, and this tone is another step back toward blue, which I expect is where I'll eventually end up again—at least when I'm not dressing up as a mousegirl or demon.

Skin: Genesis (Candace - Apricot - Basanto)
Hair in lotd - 2009-05-11: Magika (Curl - Brown E)
Hair in Genesis-Candace-makeups-Bollywood: Magika (Something v2 - Brown E)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (ocean - blue surf (m))
Lashes: Sin Skins (Portia Lashes)
Shirt: Evie's Closet (Romany Kiss - Passion)
Pants: silent sparrow (sterling suite) *past Magic of Oz hunt prize in Candy Cane Frolic event*
Underpants (tiny glimpse at gap of top & pants): silent sparrow (ryou suit pants - frost) *past group gift*
Boots: ETD (Buckle Boots - Purple)
Poses: Reel Expression (*Luth Pin-up 03; *Luth* Sassy 08)

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