May 6, 2009

skulls & bones

I picked up a few lovely things at Nomine during the recent sale there, and love the look of the bottom of the Medea dress in white with this corset that takes its boning in a more literal direction than most. Still in love with the Hyasynths shoes, obviously, and I'm wearing a group gift makeup of the Genesis Candace skin here.

Last night I went on a quest for some orange jewelry to wear with a black/orange/yellow kimono-esque outfit and wound up at Schadenfreude, where I could not resist these beautiful lacey, gothy accessories. The Jerry's Lament full set includes all the pieces you can get in the mini-sets (headband in two shapes, choker in multiple starting sizes & attachment points, cuffs in two starting sizes, barrette in multiple attachment points, earrings) plus the HUD that allows for eleventybillion color combinations of lace and ribbon. I think I'll be wearing this set a lot...

One more thing about this outfit... ran into a friend, and guess the last time we saw each other I was pandering to his schoolgirl fetish, so joke was I wasn't dressed "in theme" this time. So I said, "I'm a schoolgirl in a steamgoth brothel?"

Skin: Genesis (Candace - Apricot - Glitterati) *subscription group gift*
Hair: Celestial Studios (Annie May Hair III - Cocoa)
Eyes: Miriel (Standard Eyes - Aquamarine)
Lashes: Sin Skins (Portia Lashes)
Corset: Nomine (StEaMpUnKt - Cloisonne bone corset)
Skirt: Nomine (Medea Dress - White)
Jewelry: Schadenfreude (Jerry's Lament - Barette, Earrings, Choker, Cuffs)
Shoes: Shiny Things (Hyasynths - black)
Poses: Reel Expression (*Luth* Sex Sells 08; *Luth* Sex Sells v2 11)

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