Apr 27, 2009

Genesis: Candace

Ryker Beck's new skin line is out now at Genesis! Candace is available in four skin tones with eight makeup options in the release line.

You should check out the nude version of the full-body shot for an unhindered view of all the glorious bitses. I am so in love with the cleavage, and the butt dimples, and the glossy nails, and the toned abs, yumyumyum! And the face, oh, what a beautiful face!

Those brows are tintable, baby! Go ahead, match 'em to your haircolor no matter how dark, light, or crazily-colored! (Tintable pubic hair options are included on underwear and pants layers, too.) More makeup packs are in development, to be released later on, like summery makeups and pin-up-style makeups, and I may be drooling in anticipation. You can view larger versions of these close-up face shots in my Flickr set for this release.

Apple, Apricot, Peach, Coconut

Above are the four skin tones for Candace. Ryker's first skin, Eden, came out in a wider range of tones from quite light to very dark, but Candace focuses on a tighter range of tones. Apple is a fair skin with pinkish undertones, and the rest sort of build in degrees of tanning. I love how the skin softly glows—not in a scary "shine a light on me and I'll blind you!" way, or in a greasy way, just a sort of gentle glow like I'm a girl who knows my way with mineral powder and a big soft brush.

In addition to the skins and aforementioned tintable pubic hair clothing layers, the skin packs include pre-tinted brows (black, blonde, brown, red), tintable gloves for use with prim nails, and some other bonuses, plus notecards with information on the tintable bits and on Windlight settings.

In related news, Rez Magazine has a recent interview with Ryker wherein she touches on the utility of Plurk and Flickr during the skinmaking process. Ryker's used both sites to post previews and solicit feedback on the skins-in-progress, even calling for beta testers and interested bloggers on whom to drop preview packs. I think it's pretty awesome how two websites can connect so many people and facilitate a creative process.

Skins: Genesis (Candace, Apricot tone)
Hair: Celestial Studios (Annie May Hair w/ modified pigtails)
Eyes: Miriel (Standard Eyes - Aquamarine)
Lashes: Sin Skins (Portia Lashes)
Lingerie in Genesis-Candace-body(clothed): Insolence (Lilly - Red)
Pasties in Genesis-Candace-tones: silent sparrow (selador - grape) *ltd. ed. color*

Genesis-Candace-body(clothed): Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] - F-Blogger5-Systemskirt); Boudoir Rouge (*D* Boudoir Rouge - Naughty - Bootyful)
Genesis-Candace-makeups-Release: Reel Expression (*Luth* Sassy 08)
Genesis-Candace-tones: Reel Expression (*Luth* Sex Sells 08)

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