Jul 19, 2009

time is running out!

This weekend marks the end of this year's Relay For Life fundraising drive in Second Life, so now's your last chance to grab limited edition items from the special RFL vendors! This is a very small sampling of what's been offered this year, basically my top favorites I acquired this year that I could track down current SLURLs for as of midday yesterday when I was gridhopping like a madwoman trying to figure out which items to blog.

The Irgazine Lottie Ballgown Suite from silent sparrow has several pieces to mix-and-match: bodice, shorties, stockings, two skirts, jacket with optional capelette, two shades of gloves. It's only available at the New Babbage spot at the big RFL shindig this weekend (direct SLURL).

I previously blogged the katat0nik Derby Girl outfits (khorndog & pink taco) here; vendors are now in the main katat0nik shop (direct SLURL).

The other katat0nik RFL offering is a special version of Le Cupcake in light colors, with hearts instead of skulls. Grab it at the main shop (direct SLURL).

Purple version of the Aventine Gown from Evie's Closet, which includes both ballgown version and the short "fairy" babydoll version of the dress. Available at the Evie's Closet main store (direct SLURL).

Haven Designs has a poopton of RFL items at the main store location (direct SLURL). Suri, Avalon and Flourish are my favorites. I'm wearing the Suri shorts with the Flourish camisk/top and nipple stickies also from Haven Designs with the Avalon silks for modesty's sake.

Finally, something way more casual and unisexy, these supercute tees from toastface. Available at the main shop (direct SLURL).

I meant to get this up yesterday but time ran away from me. Curse my poor time-management skills! *fistshake* See individual Flickr pages (links below images) for credits beyond the broad ones below (pose credits to be added once I'm less braindead).

Skin in all pics is Curio June in Petal [Light] tone, various makeups.
Hair in all pics is Curio Babycakes in Black shade.
Eyes in all pics are the Slice of Summer hunt prize from Poetic Colors.
Lashes in all pics from Miriel, which is no longer open in-world.

Mainstore SLURLs for all the creators whose RFL items I've featured here:
silent sparrow
Evie's Closet
Haven Designs

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