Jun 9, 2009

roller derby

Two roller derby girl outfits from katat0nik are out at the RFL Fashion Expo! They are—as so much of Kat's stock—pervy-cute. Each outfit includes three shirt options (cropped, mid-length, long) on jacket layers, panties on pants layer, two prim skirt options (panty ruffle, short ruffled skirt), and rollerskates with legwarmers. Skirts are scripted for use with included Charisma HUD and the legwarmers and skates are scripted to resize with a dropdown menu on touch.

I'm wearing the long version of the shirt for both teams in this post; you can check out Achariya for Team Khorndog in the short shirt and Gogo for Team Pink Taco in the mid-length shirt. You can get both outfits for minimum donations of L$350 each to the RFL vendors just outside the katat0nik spot at the expo.

Ryker Beck's brand Genesis was rebranded the start of this month as Exodi, with two big skin releases coinciding: Shiloh and Eden Gen2. I'm wearing two Shiloh makeups in this post, Nosferatu and Girleh, and have a bunch of pics of both lines to process and share with you soon. (I've been a bit distracted by Sims 3 recently, and I'm planning a blog relocation, AND I've been trying out some shape modifications so I didn't want to blog much 'til I'd sorted some of all that out. I'm, er, still kind of hooked on Sims 3, but I did take eleventybillion pics last night so that's one-quarter the battle right there!)

Other lovely newness in this post are two of the new hair releases from Schadenfreude. Veronique had been released once before, but now is out in a full range of colors. As soon as I tried on the demo, I declared it my new favorite 'hawk. The frequency with which I've donned 'hawks in SL has been disproportionate to my love of 'hawks, but I can see myself wearing Veronique rather a lot. The second hair, Nekomi, is huge fluffeh pigtails with two fringe/bangs options. I'm wearing the "flat fringe" version here, but you can check out the "v fringe" version on Acha.

Skin: Exodi (Shiloh - Honey - Nosferatu)
Hair: Schadenfreude (Veronique - Black Witch)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (summer - blue blue sky (m))
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes - Natural) **SHOP CLOSING SOON!**
Outfit: katat0nik (Derby Girl RFL Outfit - khorndog)
Earrings: Violet Voltaire (Dia De Los Muertos)
Fingertape: SiniStyle (Taped Fingers w/ Black Nails)

Skin: Exodi (Shiloh - Honey - Girleh)
Hair: Schadenfreude (Nekomi - Black Witch)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (summer - blue blue sky (m))
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes - Natural)
Outfit: katat0nik (Derby Girl RFL Outfit - pink taco)
Earrings: Violet Voltaire (Cuppycakes - Pink)

Poses, left to right:
Lazy Places ([LP] Lazy Places For DSN Run Unisex)
Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] - Prissy)
Lazy Places ([LP] Lazy Places For DSN Female 2)
Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] - F-Blogger8-Primpant PR4)

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