May 29, 2009

1 night, 2 looks

Last night I had two parties to hit up with very different themes. On the left is the outfit I wore to the Haven Designs reopening celebration; suggested dress code was "provocative black tie," which I interpreted as "semi-formal with a heavy dose of sex appeal." Most of my long gowns are more conservative, and while gorgeous, didn't seem quite provocative enough, so I went with separates in shades of silver, gray and black.

The skirt is one of my all-time favorites, which I love wearing with corsets. I decided upon silent sparrow's maida corset in ash, with the shirt layer of the Avalon silks top beneath. I am still terribly in love with the Asian Flower Necklace from Haunted Zuzu—it's such a lovely bold piece, really more like an extension of clothing than mere jewelry, I think. Finishing out the look are the Verve Pumps from Maitreya and a "bum bow" from silent sparrow.

On the right is what I wore to Pin-Ups last night; theme was "Futurama." I wanted to wear these awesome boots from Tigerclaw but the only cybersuit I had was dark gray/black, so I went back to Tomby's and nabbed two styles of cybersuit in shades of dark yellow and green. I'm wearing the Type81 CySuit beneath, which offers full coverage, and then the Type82 overtop, which has supersexy cutouts to show off skin if worn alone. I love the shiny look of these suits, which make me feel like a sci-fi heroine every time I put one on.

The boots are so heavy-looking I always feel like I need more bulk up-top to balance out the look, so I went for big hair. This is the Arianna style from Calico Ingmann Creations, which is beautiful in pictures but also moves beautifully in-world. I tend to shy away from wearing primmy alpha-intensive hair while out-and-about but I'm totally in love with these curls, so I've been breaking my own ARC rules a lot lately. Eep. But it's so pretty!

I considered wearing some sort of goggles or visor to finish out the "futuristic" look, but once I settled on this Genesis Candace Bollywood line makeup, it seemed a shame to cover it up. Putting outfits together for themed events always seems to take more time than I expect—especially when I decide to grid-hop for items to complete the outfit—so I ran a bit late to both events, but still had lots of fun at each.

I'm not really a social butterfly, I just play one on SL! It feels good, though, to get off our little plots of land and be amongst people in a social setting. I often feel like I spend most of my time in-world idle and alone; even if I'm out shopping, unless it's new release time at a friend's shop, I'm probably on my own. If not for all the plurk chatter, I'd probably feel overwhelmingly lonely.

Skin: Tuli (Hope (fair/bl) natural) *group gift*
Hair: Maitreya (Aisha - Charcoal)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (ocean - blue surf (m))
Lashes: Sin Skins (Portia Lashes)
Sheer top: Haven Designs (Avalon - RFL Steel) *ltd. ed. RFL item*
Corset: silent sparrow (maida - ash)
Skirt: PixelDolls (2811 - Black Velvet - SkirtSet - Ragged)
Necklace: Haunted Zuzu (Asian Flower Necklace - Metallics)
Bow: silent sparrow (bum bows - ash - entropy)
Shoes: Maitreya (Verve Pumps - Black)
Pose: Lazy Places ([LP] I'm Not Cute! 3)

Skin: Genesis (Candace - Apricot - Padma)
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations (Arianna - Mocha) *group gift*
Eyes: Poetic Colors (ocean - blue surf (m))
Lashes: Sin Skins (Portia Lashes)
Cybersuit (underlayer): Tomby's (T's-Type81-CySuit-kyl)
Cybersuit (overlayer & gloves): Tomby's (T's-Type82-CyLinks-dgl+gl)
Boots: TIGERCLAW (TC-boots 2009 Nc_olive-16) *Bunny Hop hunt item*
Pose: Lazy Places ([LP] Allegory)

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Haunted Zuzu said...

Thank you for showing off my necklace! I love your outfit with it :)