Mar 27, 2009

look of the day

This tunic is a Malt sim opening gift. It was still out on the rocks (slurl) when I checked this afternoon, along with a Spork gift. I paired it with bits of an Ornamental Life outfit, the ETD Buckle Boots I rarely take off except to swap colors (I have five, I should probably have grabbed them all during the big sale), and past group gifts from Earthstones.

Got monster tips last weekend and blew a bunch on more Maitreya hair. The newest styles (Apple, Faye, Piper, Piper II) aren't so earring-friendly, but this style, Yasmin, affords better glimpses of ear jewelry.

Skin: Infinity (Ava - pure honey - Look #2)
Hair: Maitreya (Yasmin - Caramel)
Eyes: Miriel (Standard Eyes - Aquamarine)
Lashes: Sin Skins (Portia Lashes)
Tunic: MALT (LE AUTUMN Tunic B/W)
Vest & Pants: Ornamental Life (Saturday Afternoon - Nightly Passions)
Boots: ETD (Buckle Boots - Black)
Jewelry: Earthstones (Stone Donut Earrings/Necklace/Bracelet - Amber/Black)

Left: Reel Expression (*Luth* Sex Sells 08)
Right: part of AO stand; Abranimations (f stand 11)


Anonymous said...

Very nice job... great look. And I love how the hair colour matches your brows so well. I have it in black, and didn't even recognise it in the caramel, it looked so natural with your av. Nice choice on the Earthstones set.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

I love how you paired the tunic with jeans, and the Maitreya hair! I need to get me some new hair :)