Jan 30, 2009

same damn thing

Achariya challenged SL fashion bloggers to all wear the same Armidi shirt today, to show how each of us retains our own style and depicts products differently even when blogging "the same damned thing."

I'm so totally in love with this Truth hair I picked up at the sale that it's become my default hair right now. I also finally adjusted some prim lashes to my satisfaction and am so much happier with them than with the system lashes. I got these pants as part of an outfit in the PixelDolls sale, and got the Eve sweatervest from Ornamental Life during the Heart of Love fundraiser.

I'm the slowest blogger in the world, but I've plans for February! Let's see if I bring any to fruition...

Shape: custom (Amyla Wakowski-Swindlehurst)
Skin: Blowpop (Tuesday Honey - Rai Sins in Scarlet)
Hair: Truth (Scarlett - Brownie)
Eyes: Miriel (Standard Eyes - Quiet Green)
Lashes: Sin Skins (Portia Lashes)
Shirt: Armidi ({Gisaci} Cambridge - Aufren White)
Vest: Ornamental Life (Eve - For You I Was A Flame)
Pants: PixelDolls (Bout Du Monde - Brown)
Boots: ETD (Kristin Booties - Black)
Jewelry: Earthtones (Ambrosia - celestia/gold)


Achariya Rezak said...

mmm, such a pretty look. love the dark vest and pants.

Hethr said...

I love this too! Such a comfortable look. I want that vest!