Jan 1, 2009


Kicking off 2009 with a blog/plurk/flickr challenge for y'all!

1. Take a snapshot of your Home location in SL. (Post-process as much or as little as you wish; if you want to do a collage of things from your SL home, that's cool, too!)
2. Post snapshot to your blog, plurk timeline, flickr stream, whatever.
3. Comment here (http://tinyurl.com/ctrl-shift-h) with link to your participation post/plurk/whatever.

Hi. Right now, I call this very plain little skybox home. Also, I am in love with this bunneh avatar.

We haven't done a damn thing at ground level. Originally, we had just a 512m parcel with some landscaping at ground level (and a rarely-used skybox), but cleared that out when we got the 111-prim Starbug that sucked up our prim allotment. Then we got the 1024m parcel next to it and combined them into one 1536m parcel, but didn't alter the terrain. The terrain around us tends to change as parcels change hands, and sometimes it seems like every time I peek at ground level things are a little different.

I plan to repeat this challenge every four weeks or so, myself, to chronicle how much or how little changes in my SL home space(s) throughout 2009. You're welcome to repeat the challenge as many times as you like, or do it as a one-off. I'm aiming to post more regularly in general in this new year, so I'll be catching up on some older challenges issued by others as part of that, in addition to issuing a few more challenges of my own.


Shelby Rasmuson said...

I have done the challenge!


I didn't put my skybox in as it doesn't change as much as my Cottage.

Asthenia said...

Hello there! I did your challenge :) Even though my house is just realy realy small!

Flutter Memel said...

http://ihavenothingtowear.wordpress.com/2009/01/05/ctrlshifth-challenge/ :)

Cerrie Janus said...

Well I didn't blog mine but here is the link to my Flickr picture.

Roxette Wise said...

Hello Myatala, took up your challenge, and here's the results.

Anonymous said...

Nice idea for a Sunday morning; posted mine here: http://rikpfalz.wordpress.com/2009/01/11/ctrl-shift-h/

Anonymous said...

Hi there :) here's some shots in response to your challenge.


it doesn't change much except when the sim owner puts some snow on the ground :)

Bettye Dugan said...



Salvia said...

This is my post about my SL home:


Thank you for the idea!