Sep 26, 2008

Reason #957 Blowpop Rocks

One of the new Blowpop Tuesday makeups is named after me! Annyka IMed me to let me know, and dropped the #12 makeup packs on me in several skintones. This on its own is pretty frakkin' awesome. Even cooler, though, I'd love this makeup even without that honor. Blue and green eyeshadow, purple eyeliner, juicy pink lips and rosey cheeks? Irresistible! I've been quite smitten with the Portia makeups particularly for the pink cheeks and lip shades, so that plus colorful eyeshadow is superextrabonuswin.

I've been spending a lot of time as this other Amyla, whom I'll introduce more properly in future. I plan to attend the ~ss~ party this Saturday evening (6pm SLT; teleporters to the party space will be in the shop); I'll be a fairyfied version of this girl.

Credits for Amyla Bay:
Shape: my own custom shape (28wks pregnant)
Skin: Blowpop (Tuesday Honey - Amyla Bay)
Hair: Armidi (The Pasadena Girl III - Nutmeg)
Eyes: Nevermore Studios (Prismatic Natural Eyes 95)
Tattoos: Nack Barnes (custom work)
Shirt: Ornamental Life (Dove - High The Sky)
Pants: Silent Sparrow (willow garden - rosey - nyx suit pants)
Eyebrow Piercing: The Sweetest Sin (Darken Eyebrow)
Lip Piercing: Trix' or Treats (MS - Star Lip Piercing - edited)
Pose: Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] - Baby Got Back Too)

Credits for another version of me:
Shape: another of my custom shapes (my little demon girl - humanized)
Skin: Blowpop (Tuesday Vanilla - Amyla Bay)
Hair: Celestial Studios (Annie May Hair III - Ebon)
Eyes: The Laughing Academy (*la* eyes evergreen)
Tattoos: Numen (Blue Swallow Tattoos)
Shirt: Ornamental Life (Freckled Lizzy - Aquamarine Dreams)
Hair Flower: Accessories by Eolande (Hibiscus Hair Pin - silvermist)
Jewelry: Shiny Things (Savage - Silver - Aquamarine)
Pose: Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] - Come Closer)

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