Sep 19, 2008

allow me to introduce myself...

My default appearance in SL is my Firefly RP character, Amyla Wakowski-Swindlehurst. Amyla and her husband are expecting a baby in December, so over the past 20+ weeks my default shape has reflected this. While the storyline is important to me, I'm loathe to define my avatar by it, so I'm embarking on a little experiment in alternate appearances. First, however, I'll introduce you to my default look:

I've been in love with Blowpop skins since early in my SLife. I started out with just a couple Mellie2 skins in Vanilla, then decided to go Cream. I switched to the Honey tone just before the Tuesday line was released, and once I got the Daisy survey gift skin, I went freckled. I've tried on some other skins, but my default facial identity is Blowpop all the way.

Lacking "appropriate" venues wherein to wear Laughing Academy frippery, I will wear such pretty dresses just about anywhere, as whimsy strikes. But then, I'll wear just about anything anywhere, as whimsy strikes, so I'm as likely to be seen looking badass in post-apoc-grunge-punk as I am to be in sweet sweater sets or fancy dresses.

A few weeks ago I was on a mission to find some new kickass boots. I'd picked up a demo of katat0nik's Ghostfire boots at Footwear Expo, and turns out the gray ones were just what I needed. My purchase garnered me an invite to the katat0nik store group, and shortly thereafter Kat began releasing Ghostfire dresses in various locations around SL. I am maybe, possibly, a wee bit obsessed with collecting them all. Also, I will fish the katat0nik pond until I have every kind of merkat, and then my merkat army and I shall... um... we'll do something entertaining, I'm sure.

Amyla's gone through a lot of hair color phases. For awhile, I was keen to pick a color and stick with it awhile, but at this point I'm a lot more relaxed on that. So my girl went through a blue phase and a brunette phase and a black phase, and now she's back to brunette plus "whatever the hell color I feel like wearing today."

I was pretty appalled by the selection of maternity wear I encountered when first embarking on the pregnancy storyline. Determined to be a fashionable virtual mom-to-be, I set out to collect a maternity wardrobe of no lesser quality than my pre-pregnancy attire. Prior to this adventure, I was hesitant to edit prim attachments much beyond basic positioning and slight overall size adjustment, but I got over that and now am much more comfortable editing prims to accomodate whatever shape I'm wearing.

As for the woman behind the avatar, I'm twenty-seven and logged into SL just for Firefly RP but fell in love—with fashion, and with this sweet guy to whom I'm engaged now. I recently relocated from central Connecticut to the Seattle area to live with my fiancĂ©, and I'm playing housewife 'til I get an outside-the-house job. I spent several years in various colleges studying toward a B.A. in English but dropped out before finishing. My two favorite novels of all time are Moby Dick and A Separate Peace. My favorite Star Wars film is The Empire Strikes Back. I watch Stranger Than Fiction when I'm feeling mopey and need cheering up. I'm prone to wicked bouts of insomnia and generally have a troubled relationship with sleep.

So there you have it: my default girl, a little about myself. I have a current favorite alternate appearance I'll be blogging soonly, loads of favorite designers I'd like to properly highlight in their own posts, and a few other topics I'd also like to cover, so it's just a matter of securing the time and focus to write those all up and taking/organizing the relevant images.

Credits for new bunneh:
Hair: Armidi (The Soho - Nutmeg)
Skin: Blowpop (Tuesday Honey - Pink Portia)
Eyes: Nevermore Studios (Prismatic Natural Eyes 95)
Hoodie: katat0nik (Little Swallow Queen Hoodie - blue)
Eyebrow Piercing: The Sweetest Sin (Darken Eyebrow)
Lip Piercing: Trix' or Treats (MS - Star Lip Piercing - edited)
Bunny: HPMD (FirstRabbit black&white spot)
Location: HappyMood (115/122/33)

Credits for kiss teh bunneh:
Hair: Armidi (Scarlett - Nutmeg)
Skin: Blowpop (Tuesday Honey - Aden in Black #2)
Eyes: Nevermore Studios (Prismatic Natural Eyes 95)
Dress: The Laughing Academy (Cotillion Collection Gown - blue and brown floral)
Gloves: Silent Sparrow (toxine suite - cocoa)
Necklace: Accessories by Eolande (Jade Longevity Women's jewelry, color change - copper)
Bunnies: HPMD (First Rabbit B&W)
Pose: Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] - Baby Got Back Too)
Location: Axis Mundi (106/76/21)

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hey Amy,

keep me posted on all the new arrivals..:)
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