Jul 25, 2009

rezday massacre

hyasynth Tiramisu of silent sparrow celebrates her fourth rezday today, and in her honor I am a bit past expiration. At least in SL I can avoid the grosser aspects of being corpsified, and where else is death so pretty?

I've been a bit cut and then pieced back together, but the stitches on my limbs are mostly hidden. The Y-incision on my chest is on display for all to see, and I wonder, do I still have a heart? Has it been cut out, consumed? Kept, in a jar or urn? Or did my butcher simply gaze upon it to assure himself or herself it did exist and no longer beat?

Still in love with this photo set from La Petite Morte. Newly enamored with the silk blindfold from Illusions. Clothing all silent sparrow, with butchery-themed .meat jacket and a kohl Severina shirt, whose plunging neckline displays the chest stitches ever-so-nicely. Pants from the redone House of Leaves suit I plan to feature in a terribly predictable but potentially pretty photo series when I secure the focus and nerve to see it through. I've bought a few pair of knee-high black boots, most recently these Kensington Boots from Tesla, and these were an immediate favorite. The skin is one of the Meat Train series from Rotten Toe, and the hair is the Lola style from Tiny Bird, which has a just-bedded (or recently-deaded?), slightly-tousled look to it.

Skin: Rotten Toe (Meat Train - stitches f1 body stitches)
Hair: Tiny Bird (Lola - Pepper)
Blindfold: Illusions (Silk Blindfold)
Jacket: silent sparrow (.meat)
Shirt: silent sparrow (Severina - kohl)
Pants: silent sparrow (House of Leaves)
Boots: Tesla (Kensington Boots - black)
Pose (a): Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] - SD-Comfy)
Pose (b): TorridWear (*TorridWear* - Curves 3)
Set: La Petite Morte (Photo Set Hall)

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