Jun 27, 2009

silent sparrow: .meat

The silent sparrow offering at the Koreshan Bake Sale last weekend was the .meat ensemble, which is a blood-red jacket with belt and inspection-stamp tattoo. Prim lapels and cuffs are included, plus an alternate version of the jacket with the lapels as part of the jacket texture. The .meat set is now available in the silent sparrow main shop, just south of the landing point by the RFL vendors for now.

Probably I am going to hell for choosing to be a panda girl in a meat outfit. Um... oops? But I'm such a cute panda girl! And this is really about objectification rather than actual eating, so... please don't shoot me. I am finally showing off some Hair Fair hairstyles here. I've been stumped for how to present things without looking like every other Hair Fair blogpost—and I wouldn't want to copy the more unique ones!—and feeling generally creatively-blocked, ugh.

Above, I'm wearing the Bia style from Curious Kitties, which comes in a pink color with purple hair accessories. For more color options, you have to buy a HUD at the main shop—there's a HUD with all the color options, and then several "lite" versions for color groups. The skin I'm wearing is a lucky chair prize at the Wasabi Pills main shop; lucky chair was in the attic when I stopped by last night. My panda bits are old versions from ATOMIC—the current ones are scripted texture-change, so you don't have to pick your color when you buy. I don't think the pierced option is currently available, but I expect those and other accessories are amongst the products being redesigned for re-release.

Below, I'm wearing one of the Calico hairs, Megan, and the Curio style Babycakes because I can rarely resist piggybun styles. I'm wearing Exodi Shiloh skins again to remind me to remind you that there's a 50% off sale on at the Exodi main shop now through July 3rd with the proceeds to be donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation; see the Exodi blog for more details.

The red tones of the scarlet moonchild suite are a good match for the .meat set, so I wore the moonchild bra and capris above, with the Shiny Things Ving boots and SiniStyle Vengeance Cuffs for added straps-and-buckles factor. Below, I wore the moonchild bra and panties for the fleshy look, and the .meat cuffs and belt in the clothed look to show them off. The belt has lots of little rings, a tag and a really nifty little steak charm.

This morning, I've asked myself what the appeal is for me in dressing provocatively in SL, or stripping down to do a photo shoot in SL. I think the bulk of the appeal is it's so easy to find sexy clothing and so easy to mold one's avatar into an ideal. I can create sexy imagery without having to find lingerie that fits my RL body, I can represent myself as a sensual woman without inviting criticism of my weight. In meatspace, I'm fat, and I'm insecure about my appearance, but I'm pretty sure I've engaged in enough unsubtle PDA at the grocery store by now to earn the evil eye from folks who just don't want to see unpretty people in love in the coffee aisle. Whatever. In SL I can be thinner, there's tons of sexy things I can wear, and no lace will ever itch me, no stocking will get a run unless I want the snagged look, and I can wear high heels every day without any pain. Also, perky boobs! I don't think mine have been perky since I was 13, so having perky tits in SL is quite a treat.

... And that was probably more than you really wanted to know.

Hair Fair 2009 has been extended an extra couple days, so it'll be running through July 6th now. Teleporting is routed to a landing point in each sim, but if you plug this info into your client you should get a red beacon to head toward. Here's the locations of the shops mentioned in this post:
Calico Ingmann Creations: Beta Business Park (50/57/22)
Curio: HF 2009 (122/182/22)
Curious Kitties: HF 2009 (140/134/22)

Credits for sometimes you're nothing but... (a):
Skin: Wasabi Pills (Miss Zero) *lucky chair prize*
Hair: Curious Kitties (Nyanotech 09-1A Hair - Bia) *Hair Fair 2009* *color HUD sold separately at main shop*
Eyes: Poetic Colors (summer - blue blue sky (m))
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes - Natural)
Jacket & Tattoo: silent sparrow (.meat)
Bra & Capris: silent sparrow (moonchild suite - scarlet)
Cuffs: SiniStyle (Vengeance Cuffs)
Fingertape: SiniStyle (Taped Fingers W/ Black Nails)
Boots: Shiny Things (Ving boots - black)
Panda Parts: ATOMIC (Black Panda Tail; Black Pierced Panda Ears)
Pose (left): Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] - Awmahgah PR4) *DSN sample*
Pose (top right): Reel Expression (*Luth* - Sex Sells v2 11)
Pose (bottom right): Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] - F-Blogger3-Mirror PR4)

Credits for sometimes you're nothing but... (b):
Skin: Exodi (Shiloh - Honey - Nosferatu)
Hair (left): Calico Ingmann Creations (Megan - Midnight) *Hair Fair 2009*
Hair (right): Curio (Babycakes - Black) *Hair Fair 2009*
Jacket, Belt & Tattoo: silent sparrow (.meat)
Bra, Panties & Capris: silent sparrow (moonchild suite - scarlet)
Fingertape: SiniStyle (Taped Fingers W/ Black Nails)
Pose (left): Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] - Preg-Still Got It)
Pose (right): Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] - F-Blogger6-Systemskirt PR4)

"Sometimes you're nothing but meat" is a line from the song "Blood Roses" by Tori Amos.

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