Jun 20, 2009

I am a tiny ox for Hair Fair.

I'll be blogging primarily as a human, but for the duration of the fair, if you see me on the grid, I'll be a Tiny Ox Amyla rather than Common Human Amyla or Slightly Demony Amyla or Emo Panda Girl Amyla or any of my other, um, several sometimes-appearances. I may or may not moo.

Pink Fuel has released some other tiny avatars over time, and here's the three I have, shown to scale with one another. Yes, the ox is the smallest!

Pink Fuel Tiny Avatars
L-R: Ox Avatar, Sad Bunny Avatar, Tiny Panda Avatar

The ox and panda avatars are available at the Pink Fuel main shop; the ox is L$100 and the panda is just L$10. The bunny avatar (which comes with optional crying-bloody-tears version) was a Bunny Hop prize a couple months ago, so if you never finished unpacking from that hunt, go poke your inventory and check if you still have the Pink Fuel prizes!

Human credits:
Skin: Blowpop (N2 Ava -tone B- Pre-Release Group Preview) *group gift*
Hair: Tiny Bird (Stein - Brownie)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (summer - blue blue sky (m))
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes - Natural) **SHOP CLOSING SOON!**
Bra & Capris: silent sparrow (moonchild suite - scarlet)
Waist Cincher: silent sparrow (Gutter Glitter - lust)
Fingertape: SiniStyle (Taped Fingers w/ Black Nails)
Shoes: Shiny Things (Hyasynths - black)

Other credits:
Ox avatar: Pink Fuel (Ox Avatar)
Bunny avatar: Pink Fuel (Sad Bunny Avatar - Normal; Bloody version & eggs included) *Bunny Hop prize*
Panda avatar: Pink Fuel (Tiny Panda Avatar - includes Baby Panda Kick animation)
Strawberry chair: Rebel Xtravaganza (STRAWBERRY Chair)
Television: artilleri (TV Time! *black*)
House: Trompe L'oeil (The Silkhouse)

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