Dec 5, 2008


I'm still redecorating. I've settled on new textures, at least, and now just need some more furniture and art to make the space seem lived-in. (I have this theory that if I just finish this redecoration, I will feel more confident about what art I produce in that space. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be better than I think I've been, maybe, but I just want to do other people's creations justice when I share them.)

Meanwhile, Winter issued a blogger challenge. I shouldn't look at other people's pics before sharing my own because I tend to get insecure about my work. We have some glow issues on this box, between general graphics settings and SL client bugs and God only knows what else, so photographing anything involving glow tends to be iffy. Add to this I'm just messing around and feel like a hack photographer 90% of the time, and here we go.

The outfit is gorgeous, though, and so is this hair from Zero Style. (I only permit myself to wear this hair for photo shoots because it's rather render-intensive and I don't want to cause horrid client-side lag for other people.) Skeleton Harness comes with several latex underlayer color options. I've been wearing a lot of violet this week, but I chose to do this in pink. I considered going for pink eyes and hair, too, but thought it'd be overkill, so I went for raven tresses and a shade of green Miriel's called Absinthe.

So here's me in pink and bondage-inspired strappings:

I skipped the arm and leg attachments because I wanted to focus on how gorgeous this outfit is with minimal attachments. I even considered doing this shoot bald, but maybe I'll save that look for a lowish-ARC gridhopping costume.

Shape: custom shape (my little demon girl - humanized)
Skin: Tuli (Meredith light - fuschia folly)
Hair: Zero Style (Prissy - Raven)
Eyes: Miriel (Standard Eyes - Absinthe)
Outfit: Bare Rose (Skeleton Harness)

Edit: Okay, maybe, possibly I have discovered one of the major culprits of the overwhelming glow: additive glow strength. Um, I don't think that needs to be so high. Compound glow is evil!